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Can you hear us in the back?

Given their beginnings as commercial vehicles, it’s not surprising that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans aren’t typically equipped with rear compartment speakers. But anyone contemplating full-time crew use or a #vanlife camper van conversion will quickly realize the inadequacy of front-only audio.

Designed for 6.5in round speakers, our Rear Door Speaker Panels will fit factory cutouts in 2007+ Mercedes Sprinter NCV3 high roof van doors. The panels are CNC-milled from substantial (16-18mm thick) wood or composite and attach via M5 rivnuts (not included).

Our speaker panels are made in several different materials, depending on availability:

  • Spalted (wormy) Maple: Thanks to hungry worms and the fungus they spread, this wood has loads of character. Varying amounts of birds-eye, tiger striping, and gray streaks mean that no pair are identical- but they’re all our favorites. A clear varnish really brings out the amazing texture.

  • Reclaimed Bamboo: Dense, stiff, and strong, these bamboo panels are made from reclaimed 3/4in countertops. Defect-free front, may have some signs of mounting on back sides. Stain or varnish to taste.

  • Composite: An awesome 95% recycled material made of plastic bags and sawdust. No additional finishing required.

  • Unfinished Pine: Effective, and cost effective. Stain or paint to match your interior. Seconds are 100% functional but may have slight flaws in wood or inconsistent chamfers.

Depending on your preferences, some light sanding may be required prior to finishing.

+ Technical Details

  • Weight:
    • Wood: ~3lb per pair
    • Composite: ~5lb per pair

+ Compatibility

  • 2007+ (NCV3) Mercedes Benz Sprinter high-roof vans
  • 6 1/2in round speakers
    • 2.25in max depth
    • Rockford Fosgate P1650 recommended

+ Installation

  • Materials Required:
    • Speaker Panels
    • 12x M5 button head screws (provided)
    • 12x M5 rivnuts
      • Your own M5 or #10 hardware may also be used- but Rivnuts are strongly suggested over nuts & washers
    • 6 1/2in round speakers
    • Speaker mounting hardware
  • Tools Required:
    • Rivnut setting tool
    • Electric drill
    • 1/16in drill bit
    • 3mm hex key
    • Blue threadlocker (Loctite 242 or equivalent)
  • Use trim panel tool to remove topmost facory door trim panels
  • Use Rivnut tool to set rivnuts in each of the twelve factory door panel holes (six per door)
  • Check speaker fit and pilot hole alignment in each speaker panel.
    • If four divots in panels align with speaker mounting holes, drill 1 1/6in pilot holes at each divot location (four per panel).
    • If divots do not align, mark speaker mounting hole locations with screw tip, remove speaker from panel, and drill 1 1/6in pilot holes in those locations.
  • Apply a drop of threadlocker to the end of each of the provided screws.
  • Holding panel in place, start M4 screw in each rivnut
    • Rivnuts may not be perfectly centered in each hole- starting with the speaker panel away from door will aid alignment
    • Worst-case, it may be necessary to enlarge speaker panel holes slightly.
  • Use M3 hex wrench to attach panels to doors
  • Make sure that speaker wires are correctly routed from cabin though mounting hose and up outside edge of door. Padding or batting will help to prevent rattles.
  • Connect speaker wires to each speaker and fasten to speaker panel using speaker hardware.