Despite building products in service to play, we take our responsibilities seriously.  We recognize our obligation to those who craft our products, the environment from which these products' materials come, and to the trust that you - our customers - have placed in us.  While no human activity can be without impact, it is our aim to not only minimize our negative impacts but, in some small way, to leave the world better than we found it.


Reducing impact begins with building a durable product.  Our confidence in our goods' durability is reflected in our lifetime guarantee- after all, the product that uses the least resources is the product that lasts. 
This approach extends to aesthetics as well.  Lindarets products are designed to be as timeless as possible.  That means no trendy colors, no novelty graphics, and no heavy-handed branding.  Our goal is to build products that will be every bit as appealing in ten years' time as they are today.


To the extent possible, every Lindarets product is made in the First World.  As people who live and work in the United States, we feel that it is important that we support others doing the same.  The craftspeople who make our products are entitled to the same respect, working conditions, and schedules from which all of us in the first world benefit.  There are obviously cheaper ways to do things - but we strongly believe that ours is the right way.


For the reasons above, Lindarets will never make the least expensive product in its category.  But our values will come to little if our products' prices cannot be justified by you, the user. That means flattening the distribution chain and delivering directly to the customer. 
Environmentally, it is difficult to argue with direct distribution.  We prioritize US Postal Service delivery because it means our products are hitching a ride with someone who comes to your home almost every day.  It's convenient for you, pleasant for us (we have great mail carriers), and easy on the environment.
We also keep packaging and labels to an absolute minimum.  All Lindarets products arrive in lightweight, recycled packaging made in the USA by EcoEnclose.  If you can re-use it, great- if not, please take the time to recycle.

Lindarets was born out of our love for the outdoors and for the activities that we are fortunate to have the time, inclination, and means to participate in. We are proud of not just what we've created- but also of how and where.  We believe that you will be too.