Our aim is to build, without question, the best products in any given category. This is why, if at any time during the first 110 days of ownership feel that we are not living up to that commitment, we ask you send them back and to tell us why. In exchange, we will refund 110% of your purchase price. This is because we want our products to be your first choice for special days- and if not to help us make them the first choice.


If your Lindarets product fails, please return it for a free replacement. Without hesitation. If you are getting so much enjoyment out of something that we have made that you somehow manage to wear it out, then we want to hear from you, give you a pat on the back, and send you back out with some fresh gear.

The Fine Print

Applies to products purchased from · Guarantees are limited to original owner · Consequential or accidental damages excluded · All guarantees void upon product modification or use in unapproved applications · Branded apparel and collaborations are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase · Cosmetic wear will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis · Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser · Please use responsibly

Lindarets bicycle parts and accessories intended for nonmotorized use only.  Use on motorized or electrified vehicles is not permitted.

Lindarets is a registered trademark of Lindarets LLC.