The Sound of Angels- Now at Your Fingertips

Spurcycle's Bell is nothing short of amazing.  Made in the USA of brass and stainless steel, it has a tone that sets it apart from lesser bells- both loud and pleasant, friendly and firm.

But, as much as we love the Bell, we didn't love its stock bar top position.

That's why we created the Belltower DB.  The DB is a bar end adapter kit that allows the Spurcycle Bell to be mounted at the end of the drops and reached easily without interfering with brake levers, shifters, lights, or other accessories.

As a niche product, the Belltower is built to order by Shapeways on Long Island, New York, from a strong and flexible plastic material and dyed in your choice of eight colors.

Technical Details


  • Some


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow


The Belltower is compatible with:

  • Spurcycle bells
  • Standard carbon & aluminum road (drop) handlebars


  1. Use M4x0.7 tap and a light lube to thread hole at narrow end of Belltower DB expander
  2. Loosen mounting bolt at top of Bell
  3. Remove strap from T-slot and bell from handlebar
  4. Install Bell in cup of Belltower DB so that curved rubber 'feet' follow matching surface and striker pivot sits in cup gap.
    • If the feet interfere with the cup, use a sharp blade and a good deal of care to trim feet corners slightly.
  5. Remove bar plug and use a shrap blade to trim bar tape flush with end of handlebar.
  6. Assemble Belltower DB as shown and use M3 hex key to thread Bell bolt into threaded hole from step 1.
  7. Insert Bell/Belltower DB assembly into bar end and tighten until snug.


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